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concerts for europe

Chordial is a europe-funded cross-border music project that brings french and german musicians and institutions together to perform concerts on both sides of the german french border. After a debut with 3 choirs, 2 orchestras and over 1,300 audience members, chordial is organising a fascinating series of concerts this year :

Dvorák / String Quartet No. 12 in F major, Op. 96 "American"

Amicis String quartett

Gustav von Holst - Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda Op.26 Nr.3

Palatina Vocalis

Marc Bender, Violin

Marie Lachat, Harp

Orlando Schenk, director

Macbeth multimodal


2018         Saturday 1.December 19.30

                  Marktkirche bad bergzabern

                  Sunday 2. Dezember 15.00

                  église protestante


                  Saturday 8. Dezember 19.30

                  marienkirche landau

Musical workshops

Musical workshops are a fantastic way of bringing motivated singers, dancers and actors out in front of the footlights where they belong - not only to help them learn their trade, but also to reach a goal through teamwortk, discipline and good communication!

I´ve enjoyed giving numerous workshops over the years on both professional, academy and school levels.

Macbeth multimodal is a project scheduled for 2020 that will bring together institutions, artists, students, 3 languages and diferent ways of working.

With partners from france, ireland and germany, the project is multi-facetted:

Macbeth multimodal will be realised in the form of theatrical performance, workshops and presentations in 3 countries.

Amicis String quartett